Hello sun!

Being in the sun is great, it feels good, it makes you feel happy and
relaxed, it can make you glow, and it helps the skin produce vital
vitamin D. But there are risks. It can burn, hurt and damage and
long-term sun exposure can lead to skin conditions including
premature skin ageing, pigmentation and cancer.

Take only the best from the sun... and to do this you need to use
the best sun protection.

Daylong takes a scientific view to protect your skin from the effects
of the sun. It helps you maintain your skin youthfulness, glow and
health even as you enjoy an active life under the sun.

Start your daily sun protection with Daylong!

Daylong SPF 30 Gelfluid 30ml:
Oil-free sunscreen gelfluid for daily sun protection of the face. Read More
Daylong SPF 30 Spray 150ml:
Liposomal sunscreen spray-lotion for body parts that are difficult to reach. Read More
Daylong SPF 50+ Gel 50ml:
Oil-free sunscreen gel for sensitive, oily or sun allergic skin.Read More
Daylong Kids SPF 30 Cream 50ml:
All-over sun protection containing purely physical UV filters specially designed for kid's sensitive skin as of 12 months. Read More
Daylong Kids SPF 50+ Lotion 150ml:
Liposomal sunscreen lotion specially designed for sensitive kid's skin as of 12 months Read More
Daylong After Sun Repair 100ml:
Liposomal after sun lotion for face and body to repair and regenerate sun-exposed skin Read More